Laboratory Systems – Variable Flow Low Pressure Systems

Digital Air Control, Inc. provides, installs and services the Tek-Air System for precise control of laboratory airflow and temperature. The SmartLab Controller is a versatile, high-speed direct digital controller specifically for airflow and temperature control in laboratories and other critical environments. The SmartLab Controller is a fully distributed microprocessor-based controller, operating interdependently with other controllers in the lab. Although each controller may share data with other controllers, each is capable of maintaining its own control loops without intervention of other networked or central controllers.

Laboratory system data is integrated into the building automation system using BACnet communication.

A variable, low-flow system from Tek-Air is able to control the airflow into laboratories of all types, can substantially reduce a company’s energy costs and has the ability to regulate the temperature of rooms of any size.

The Settings

The user will be able to choose the level of oxygen in a room by using the control panel that comes with the system, and the customer can select the optimal temperature for the laboratory.

The Feedback Loop

As the equipment pumps air into the laboratory, its state-of-the-art sensors will detect the level of oxygen in the room. Instantaneously, the internal system will increase the device’s output of air, keep the settings the same, or reduce the airflow.

The Controllers

The system’s numerous controllers have the ability to communicate with one another, and each part continuously shares data with the other components. Unlike the regulators of other machines, this system’s modulators are able to operate independently from one another to ensure excellent performance if one of the parts malfunction.

Each controller updates its information at least five times per second, and the devices can detect and regulate the pressurization of the air in the lab. The machine also records the total amount of air that it provides and tracks its supply of air at all times.

The Valves

The system that Tek-Air designed features valves that have two large ports and are electronically connected to the device’s sensors. The parts may only open partially in order to release a small amount of air.


The variable, low-flow device can be fully connected to the other systems that are available through Digital Air Control, Inc. Furthermore, the data that the machine collects will be sent to the building automation system.

Energy Costs

According to recent studies, laboratories that contain airflow systems with automatic feedback loops usually have much lower energy costs than buildings with systems that are manually controlled.

Additional Features And Specifications

The equipment has an operating temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, is enclosed in steel, and features two large mounting brackets.

The device contains two digital inputs that allow it to connect to manual switches, clocks, and relays. It also features two analog inputs that let it link to variable frequency drives and certain types of motors.

Our Services

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Laboratory Systems - Variable Flow Low Pressure Systems